Book distribution

The book „Der Auerochs – Das Europäische Rind“ is now available in over 6,000 bookstores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, also at your local bookstore!
In non-German-speaking countries, you can order through Amazon. If you order the book, the whole text for the Google translation into the respective national language can be requested at

The book – a non-fiction book and elaborate picture book bound in linen – is about the primeval cattle from which all our domestic cattle (bos taurus, over 500 breeds worldwide) are descended. With its domestication, extermination, re-breeding, de-domestication and its use in extensive year-round grazing for landscape conservation and for the preservation or recovery of biodiversity, humans have left their mark in the past 10,000 years.

An exciting book for young and old, especially for all nature and animal lovers.


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